I was born in Germany in 1985 with dual (Swiss and German) citizenship. Up to the age of 13 I lived in the suburbs of Munich and growing up there, sport was always an integral part of my life. During this time, I was an avid skier and I also practiced Taekwondo up to the level of red-black belt. Moving to the Engadine greatly influenced my sporting endeavors and orientation. I traded in my skis for a snowboard and my fighting suit for a downhill mountain bike. My lust for adventure and a desire to deepen my impression of nature inspired me to become a certified scuba diver. At almost 20, I discovered a new element: the air. I became fascinated with all the facets of paragliding. Pretty soon, I was determined to take up speed flying, combining Skiing, Paragliding and lots of speed. I took part in two Swiss Championships and I tested paragliders for AirG Products. A high point of my flying career was a helicopter excursion into the vast expanses of Alaska, taking to the skies in my paraglider, flying over untouched mountains. That’s how I lived my life, flying high, realising one dream after another. Until all of that changed. On 26 June 2014, a speed flying crash in Scuol resulted in a compression fracture to my spine. The consequence of this was a complete paraplegia L1 and since then I have been confined to a wheelchair. But my spirit was not broken, I picked myself up and got back into the game. In the winter of 2015/16 I learned to monoski. The following winter while training for the SPV in Sörenberg, I was able to show my potential immediately. During my successful participation in two Swiss Disabled Cup races it was clear that I had the ability to implement, within a very short time, the skills that I had learnt. My acceptance into the review squad of the Swiss Paralympic Ski Team at the beginning of May 2017 laid the foundation stone for a new sporting career.